1. Terror Tales of Anti – Terror Laws: Niharika Raizada
  2. Cyber Technology:Hell or Heaven: Rajdeep Singh Chauhan & Aakriti Agarwal
  3. Cyber terrorism / Hate speech on social media and related Indian law: Pallavi Tiwari & Amita Chaudhary


  1. Psychology and criminals – Factors influencing the psychology of Rapists: Sowmiya S, Karthikeyan M, Beena J & Manisha S
  2. Criminal Mindset And Psychology of Crimes: Medha Shukla
  3. The Psychological Effects of Overcrowding in Indian Prisons: Vivasvan Prakash & Shrey Uttam 


  1. Ethics of Right to Die: A Critical Analysis of Laws of Euthanasia in India: Divya Kataria
  2. Euthanasia : An Analytical study in Indian Context: Pankhuri Anand, Samriddhi Tripathi & Shreya Tripathi


  1. Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act 2013: A Progression or Regression from Vishakha?: Chandani Kaur Bagga & Moumita Sen
  2. Analysing the Transgender Person (Protection of Rights) Bill 2018 with Special Reference to the Healthcare Concern of the Transgender Person: Ayush Verma
  3. Transgender Persons(“Denialof rights”),2018: Akash Jain & Animesh Upadhyay
  4. Bill for or Against The Transgenders?: Sankalp Srivastava


  1. Exorcism and the Criminal Law: Anushka Misra
  2. Honour Killing :An epidemic in India: Shraddha Sharma, Shruti Sharma & Sakshi Tripathi
  3. Honor killing – A socio legal aspect: Avval Kaur


  1. Fair Trail – An Inevitable Phenomenon of Criminal Justice System: Dr. Mohd Arif
  2. law of suicide-Need To Humanise Criminal justice system: Tushar Ved Saxena & Nayan Gupta
  3. A Study on Collective Violence with respect to rising trend of Mob lynching: Jyoti Chauhan
  4. Key Issues Involved in Investigation, Prosecution & Trail of Sexual Offences: Dr. Harleen Kaur & Subham Kumar Jain
  5. Criminology during Sentencing, Jurisprudence for sentence and social disorganization Theory: Nehal Bohara
  6. Role Of International And Domestic Courts In Abolition Of Death Penalty Worldwide: Subham Singh & Swati Singh
  7. Cruelty as a matrimonial relief and its judicial interpretation: Neelesh Shukla
  8. Law of Sedition in India: Misleading Interpretations: Isha Goel
  9. Economic Crimes: Effects and its Countermeasures: Bhavya Prakash Pandey

1.   Understanding Necrophilia: The Need
for Explicit Law in India
: Dr. Karavi Barman & Upasana

2.   Indian Penal Code: Determining Mens
Rea in Common Intention
: Ananya Agrawal

3.   Witness Protection in India:
Mayukha Chihnitha K

4.   Narco Analysis Test: Indian Perspective: Puru Varma

5.   Threat of Surveillance of Citizens’ Data with Respect to Section 69, Information Technology Act, 2000:
Pragya Srivastava

6.   The Criminal Justice System In Saarc Countries
With Special Reference To Afghanistan
: Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Srivastava

7.    Protecting Legal Rights of Women Under the Shadow
 of Devadasi System
: Blitz Kumar Sudhanshu

8.    Modern Theory Of Punishment – An Analytical Study: Dr.    Caesar Roy

9.    Prison Administration In India With The Help Of Artificial
Dal Chandra

10.  Justice To Lucretia- Victim Compensation Scheme For The   Rape Victims:
  Dhawal Shankar Srivastava

11. Crime Against Women: Perspectives In The Contemporary World with
Special Reference to India
: Faeza Matin Sultana

12. Religious Violation An Infringement Of Basic Human Right
And Peaceful Co-Existence
: Dr. Gazal Gupta

13. Crime Against Women In India With Special Reference
To Female Child And Working Women
: Ms. Manisha Madhav

14. Security Within Secured PremisesOpal Tiwari, Shambhavi Tiwari & MK Raghav Raman

15. The Need For Criminalizing Match-Fixing And Spot-Fixing – A Critical Study With Reference To Cricket: Praveen James

16An Analysis of Custodial Torture Leading to Death with Reference to India: Prof. Shakuntla Antil, Prof. Claudia Nadh, Prof. Monisha M & Prof. Muralidhara K  

17.  Sentencing Policy Is The Need Of The Hour To Eliminate Arbitrariness In The Exercise Of Sentencing Discretion:
Dr. Sudhakaran

  1. Crime Against Women: Rape And Assault: Anjali Singh & Anurag Das Bhuyan
  2. Right To Privacy And Unique Identification System In India: A Critical Study: Ramesh Kumar
  3. Violence Against Women: Ashu
  4. Nexus Betweensocial Disorganisation And Crimes: Ayushi Dwivedi & Shruti Kukreti
  5. Cyber Crimes Against Women: Princy Chaudhry
  6. Forensic Psychology And Criminal Justice: An Indian And International Perspective: Ravi Upadhyay, Pradhuman Gaur & Devanshi Mudgal
  7. Crime Against Women: A Threat To The Society: Abhijit Mohanty, Mayank Sharma & Dhruv Anurag Khurana
  8. Indian Criminal Justice System: An Uncertain Wait For Dawn Of Reformation: Rohit Shukla & Vipul Kumar
  9. Revisiting The Provisions Pertaining To The Special Juvenile Police Unit (Sjpu) In The Juvenile Justice (Care And Protection Of Children) Act, 2015: Bhawna
  10. Cyber Crime & Social Media: Manvi  Agarwal & Gyanvi Agarwal
  11. Human Trafficking And Prostitution Vis-À-Vis Indian Legal Framework: Subodhika Sharma
  12. Reaching Out To Gender Neutral Laws In India: Shubhi Jadoun & Aakash Keshari