ILJCC VOLUME – 4 (January – December 2020)

Volume 4 Issue 1

  1. Understanding Necrophilia: The Need For An Explicit Law In India

Author: Dr Karavi Barman1 & Upasana Borah

  1. Indian Penal Code: Determining Mens Rea in Common Intention

Author: Ananya Agrawal

  1. Witness Protection In India

Author: Mayukha Chihnitha K

  1. Narco Analysis Test: Indian Perspective

Author: Puru Verma

  1. Threat Of Surveillance Of Citizens’ Data With Respect to Section 69, Information Technology Act, 2000

Author: Pragya Srivastava

  1. The Criminal Justice System In Saarc Countries With Special Reference to Afghanistan

Author: Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Srivastava

  1. Protecting Legal Rights Of Women Under The Shadow Of the Devadasi System

Author: Blitz Kumar Sudhanshu

  1. Modern Theory Of Punishment – An Analytical Study

Author: Dr. Caesar Roy

  1. Prison Administration In India With The Help Of Artificial Intelligence

Author: Dal Chandra

  1. Justice To Lucretia- Victim Compensation Scheme For The Rape Victims

Author: Dhawal Shankar Srivastava

  1. Crime Against Women: Perspectives In The Contemporary World With Special Reference To India

Author: Faeza Matin Sultana

  1. Religious Violence An Infringement Of Basic Human Right And Peaceful Co-Existence

Author: Dr. Gazal Gupta

  1. An Analysis Of Sexual Harassment Of Women: With Special Reference To Workplace

Author: Ms. Manisha Madhav

  1. Security Within Secured Premises

Author: Opal Tewari, Shambhavi Tiwari & M.K. Raghav Raman

  1. The Need For Criminalizing Match-Fixing And Spot-Fixing – A Critical Study Concerning Cricket

Author: Praveen James Antony

  1. An Analysis Of Custodial Torture Leading To Death With Reference To India

Author: Shakuntla Antil, Claudia Nadh, Monisha M & Muralidhara K

  1. Sentencing Policy Is The Need Of The Hour To Eliminate Arbitrariness In The Exercise Of Sentencing Discretion

Author: Dr. Sudhakaran

Volume 4 Issue 2

  1. The Unheard Cry Of Gendercide: Female Foeticide And Societal Attitude Vis-A-Vis Critical Analysis Of Pcpndt Act In India

Author: Venu Parmani

  1. Modern Techniques In Forensic Science And Their Utility  In The Criminal Justice System In India. 

Author: SapreshDevidas

  1. Development Of Narco Analysis Test As Investigation Technique In The Criminal Justice System Vis A Vis Constitutional Challenges In India

Author: Ms. Sampada Jagannath Kangane

  1. Modern Techniques In Forensic Science And Their Utility In The Criminal Justice System In India.

Author: Anindhya Tiwari

  1. Uniform Civil Code: India Beyond Relegious Practices

Author: Ms. Yogita Jain & Ms. Shraddha Oberoi

  1. The Role Of Judicial Activism In Protecting The Public Interest

Author: KanishkKaustubh, Supriti Bhargava, Harshit Kiran &Sahasradeep Sharma

  1. A Critical Analysis Of Fair Trial In Criminal Justice System In India

Author: Yukta Dubey

  1. Right To Maintenance

Author: Dr. Niru Sharan

  1. Ineffectiveness Of Sexual Laws In India Vis A Vis Human Rights

Author: Gaurab Saha & Prabha Shree Sain

  1. The Peril Of Violence Against Women

Author: Shivani Nair, Vedant Adlakha & Kanishk Singhal

  1. Devadasi System In India-Historical Background And Supreme Courts Stage On It

Author: Kareena Eugene

  1. Revoking Of Article 370

Author: Mohd. Shamshad Ahmad & Afzal Khan

  1. Devadasi System In India: Historical Background And Supreme Court's Stance On It

Author: Ms. Dishi Shivpuriya


Author: Ms Ekta Gupta & Rohit Radhakrishnan

Volume 4 Issue 3

  1. Development Of Technology: Its Impact on Crime and Legal Response

Author: Shivani, Ankita Chawla & Bhawna

  1. Systematic Rape: A Weapon of War

Author: Mansi Shukla

  1. Assessing The Linkage Between Crime and Juvenile Forensic Psychology

Author: Aditi Palit, Arnav Gulati, Aparna Gupta & Chandrika Dutta

  1. Violence Against Woman In India – A Menace to Mankind

Author: Mouli Pandey

  1. Violence Against Women- “A Climate Of Non-Tolerance”

Author: Pradeep Joshi & Ankita Banerjee

  1. Custodial Torture – Transforming Accused Into Victims

Author: V Karthikeyan

  1. Intellectual Property Right Infringements And Criminal Remedy: A Jurisprudential Analysis

Author: Adwitiya Prakash Tiwari& Sukriti Yagyasen

  1. Cyber Crimes In India: A Critical Analysis

Author: Sanjivani Biswas, Anshudeep Maitra &Rahul Takuli

  1. Mob Lynching- A Mockery Of Indian Legal System

Author: Dev Kumar Yadav & Mohd. Aqib Khan

  1. Mob Lynching: Inception And Failure In Its Legal Redressal

Author: Astha, Sanskriti Rastogi &; Arpita Varma

  1. Devadasi System

Author: Katta Prasanna & Bandari Pravallika

  1. Gender-Neutral Laws: Time For A Review

Author: Saif Rasul Khan

Volume 4 Issue 4

  1. Crime Against Women: Rape and Assault

Author: Anjali Singh & Anurag Das Bhuyan

  1. Violence Against Women As a Global Problem with No Panacea: A Study with Specific Reference to The Conditions of Women in India

Author: Prof. (Dr.) Zaheeruddin & Alpi Gupta

  1. Right To Privacy and Unique Identification System in India: A Critical Study

Author: Dr. Ramesh Kumar

  1. Violence Against Woman

Author: Ashu

  1. Nexus Between Social Disorganization and Crimes

Author: Ayushi Dwivedi & Shruti Kukreti

  1. Cyber Crimes Against Women

Author: Princy Chaudhry

  1. Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice: An Indian and International Perspective

Author: Ravi Upadhyay, Pradhuman Gaur & Devanshi Mudgal

  1. Crime Against Women: A Threat to The Society

Author: Abhijit Mohanty, Mayank Sharma & Dhruv Anurag Khurana

  1. Indian Criminal Justice System: An Uncertain Wait for Dawn of Reformation

Author: Rohit Shukla & Vipul Kumar

  1. Revisiting The Provisions Pertaining to The Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU) In the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015

Author: Bhawna

  1. Cyber Crime & social media

Author: Manvi Agarwal & Gyanvi Agarwal

  1. Human Trafficking and Prostitution Vis-À-Vis Indian Legal Framework

Author: Subodhika Sharma

  1. Reaching Out to Gender Neutral Laws in India

Author: Shubhi Jadoun & Aakash Keshari