ILJCC VOLUME – 2 (January – December 2018)

Volume 2 Issue 1

  1. A Critical Analysis of Prisoners with Disability and The Indian Prison System

Author: Neha Singh & Saurabh Kumar

  1. Battered Wife and Her “Black and Blue” Life: How Slow Burn Provocation Can Support the Defense Of “Battered Women Syndrome”

Author: Chandrika Vishwakarma

  1. Criminological Aspect of Sexual Offences in India with Respect to Victim & Accused

Author: Gopika C. & Keerthi B. Chandran

  1. “Know It. Name It. Stop It” – Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence Act, 2005: An Analysis

Author: R. Vigneswaran

  1. Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations Act : An Interplay Of Civil And Criminal Law

Author: Siddhant Dave

  1. Voyeur Alert

Author: Lavanya Chawla

Volume 2 Issue 2

  1. Criminalising Consent; Mill’s Harm Principle and Victimless Crimes

Author: Mythili Mishra

  1. Narcoanalysis: A Necessary Double-Edged Sword?

Author: Asmita Chakraborty

  1. A Victorian Remnant: An Analysis of Section 497 Of The IPC

Author: Deepak Singh

  1. Insanity Defense: A Medical and Legal Grapple

Author: Eshita

  1. Plea Bargaining: Analyzing and Interpreting the Provision Of The Indian Criminal Justice System

Author: Devansh Saraswat & Rhishika Srivastava

  1. The Offences Related to Army, Navy and Air Force Under Indian Penal Code, 1860

Author: Sanskriti Sharma & Sahil Sharma

  1. Study Of Human Rights Violations Faced by Bride Trafficking Victims in the State Of Haryana

Author: Niteesh Kumar Upadhyay

  1. Restorative Justice

Author: Ashutosh Tiwari

  1. An Analysis of Sedition Laws in India: A Critique

Author: Shubham Singh

  1. Sexual Violence by The Armed Forces: A Critique Of Governmental Policy

Author: Diksha R. Kale

Volume 2 Issue 3

  1. Analysis of Amendment of Section 154 Of Cr.P.C. By The 2013 Amendment Act

Author: Arati Kamat

  1. Practical Applicability of The Recent Amendments for Juveniles

Author: Siddharth Bajpai & Shreya Shruti

  1. Criminalization Of Marital Rape: A Comparative Study

Author: Urvi Shrivastava & Sangeeta Vermah

  1. Cyber Crime Investigation in India

Author: Manoj Singh

  1. Cyber Pornography in Indian Legal Scenario

Author: Sunishtha Moghe

  1. A Critical Analysis of Triple Talaq with Special Reference to the Indian Constitution

Author: Parag Agarwal  

Volume 2 Issue 4, Law & Humanities

  1. Law And Psychoanalysis: Its Relevancy in the Contemporaneous Realm

Author: Prashanti Upadhyay

  1. Ageing With Dignity: Nation’s Hope & Pride

Author: Dr. Indu Subhash & Ravi Chaudhary

  1. Powerless Witches of Khunti: A Piteous Form of Violence Against Women

Author: Sujata Rani & Prashant Kumar