ILJCC VOLUME – I (January – December 2017)

Volume 1 Issue 1

  1. The Terrorist Across Law and Criminology: A Comparative, Interdisciplinary and Critical Gaze

Author: Domenico M. Galimi

  1. Determination Of Appropriate Punishment and The Need for Sentencing Guidelines

Author: V. Priya Krithika Devi

  1. Crime Waves: Sensation Sweeping Over Truth

Author: Eesha Shrotriya & Vipula Bhatt

  1. Inchoate Crime – Attempt

Author: Amrita Jain

  1. The Doctrine of Death Sentence And Crimes In India - An Inquisitive Perspective
    Author: Debadrita Basu
  2. Child Sexual Abuse in India: Legislative and Judicial Response

Author: Pooja Bali & Suresh Kumar

  1. Medical Negligence and Criminal Law

Author: Ayushi Dubey

  1. Criminology On Jealousy and Sexual Crimes

Author: Anu Mittal and Saumyam Krishna

  1. A Socio-Legal Study of Victim’s Rights in India With Special Reference To Victim’s Human Rights

Author: Kritika Singh

  1. Zero Fir: An Undiscovered Right for The Legal Protection of Women

Author: Dr. Bhavana Sharma

  1. Appointment Of Judges in India: An Analysis

Author: Suresh Kumar

  1. Crime Against Humanity: The Untapped Area of Violence

Author: Sayantani Chakraborty

  1. Concept Of Crime and Criminology

Author: Adeesh Giri

  1. Juvenile Justice Act, 2015; Whether Reforms Really Needed?

Author: Dr. Bhupender Kumar Jodhta

  1. Anti-Sedition Law Still Exists In India: Are We Free?
Author: Sonia Pandey

Volume 1 Issue 2

  1. The Dead Letter of Indian Criminal Jurisprudence

Author: Siddhi Suman

  1. The Rise and Decline of Terrorism in India

Author: Sunil Prusty

  1. Pedophilia: A Behavioral and Legal Analysis

Author: Vikas Kumar Singh

  1. Capital Punishment in India: A Critical Analysis

Author: Sneha Singh & Anubhuti Singh

  1. Environmental Disasters and Accountability of Oil Companies: Lessons to Be Learnt From Bp Oil Spills: Legal Solutions

Author: Vasudha Krishnamurty

  1. The Law on Homosexuality and Its Impact on Society

Author: Priyanka Sunjay and Saumya Jaju

  1. The Social Implications of Media and Terrorism in India And The Middle East: A Comparative Analysis

Author: Nayantara Bhattacharyya & Sharbani Mahapatra

  1. Application Of Egg-Shell Rule in Criminal Law

Author: Prakhar Mittal

  1. Restorative Justice: A Complement to The Prevailing Criminal Justice System

Author: Aditi Sharma & Vangara Krishnapallavi

  1. International Conventions: Emerging Environmental Law

Author: Rishi Khemani 

Volume 1 Issue 3

  1. Rights Of Prisoners

Author: Samhitha Sharat H Reddy & Dr. D.V. Guruprasad

  1. Revising The Correlation Between Culpable Homicide and Murder

Author: Aishwarya Anand

  1. Child Prostitution: Our Crime Against Our Children

Author: Anubhuti Goel & Sonal Patel

  1. Civil Liberty: A Contemporary Analysis

Author: Anisha Singh & Ankit Singh

  1. Community Policing: The Indian Approach

Author: Garima Singh

  1. Death Penalty in India

Author: Ajay Kumar & Aditya Kumar Singh

  1. Analysis Of Legal Protection to Rights of Victims of Violent Crimes

Author: Divya Singh Rathore & Sarvesh Kumar Shahi

  1. Mob, Anarchy and Weak Law Enforcement

Author: Shashwat Singh

  1. Indian Criminal Justice System and Rape Victim: A Critical Analysis

Author: Manisha

  1. Punishment: Forms, Theory and Practice

Author: Abhishek Kumar Mishra

  1. Recidivism And Criminology

Author: Anuja Chaudhury & Shreya Chaudhury

  1. A Study of Acts of Terrorism Through Cyberspace in India: Prevention And Remedies

Author: Shaily Jain & Shrishti Soumya Volume 1 Issue 4

  1. Collision Of Sedition Law And Freedom Of Speech And Expression In A Democratic Setup In The Light Of Constitutional Validity

Author: Namrata Gayen & Debottam Das

  1. Impact Of Reel Life On Real Life

Author: Khushboo Pareek

  1. Nailing Vice With Voice: Can Accused Be Compelled To Undergo Voice Spectrography Test?

Author: Ankita Aseri

  1. Nirbaiya Case: A Pretentious Interpretation Involving Modesty and Exuberance:

Author: J. Madonna Jephi

  1. Operation Terrorism and Narcos

Author: Sneha Vardhani & N. Keerthi Simha

  1. The Unguarded and Powerless: Child Prostitution in India

Author: Vineet Tyagi & Vibha Bhatt