ILJCC VOLUME – 3 (January – December 2019)

Volume 3 Issue 1

  1. Devadasi System: Divine Requital or Worldly Ordeal

Author: Sabiha Tariq, Fatima Muzaffar, Sehrish & Divya Verma

  1. Sea Robbery And Its Implication On Water Transportation: Experience From Delta Region Of Nigeria

Author: Adongoi, Toakodi (Ph.D) Otodo Ifeanyichukwu (Ph.D), Azibasuam Adioni-Arogo

  1. Status of Women in Indian Society

Author: Deewakar Pandey

  1. Position Of Women In Vedic, Post-Vedic, Medieval, British And In Contemporary India-It’s A Game Of Snake And Ladders

Author: Naiyla Mobin Abbasi

  1. Reflection Of Judicial Sensitivity; Role of Judiciary In Prevention Of Crimes Against Women” And “Recommendation On Women’s Access To Justice

Author: Ashutosh Ranjan Srivastava & Nishant Mohanty

  1. History Of Prostitution and How It Led to Human Trafficking For Sex

Author: Opal Tiwari & Shambhavi Tiwari

  1. A Study on Marital Rape

Author: S.S. Karunavathi, S.Krishnaa, Al. Madhumitha & K. Netra

  1. Critical Analysis of Marital Rape Exemption in India

Author: Paridhi Jain & Satyam Singla

  1. Construction Of Life Imprisonment: An International Analysis

Author: Sayesha Chadha & Sidhanth Mor

  1. An Analysis on The Lesser-Known Facet Of Cruelty Against Husbands By Wives

Author: Sweta Mishra & Aviral Deep

  1. Thwarting Crime Against Women: Meeting Challenges Through Implementation

Author: Tulika Sinha

  1. Victim Compensation and Criminal Law

Author: Kunvar Dushyant Singh 

Volume 3 Issue 2


  1. Legal Validity of Psychological Autopsy in Suicide Cases: A Medico-Legal Analysis

Author: Dr. Golda Sahoo

  1. Insatiable Exploitation of Women - An Analysis of Human Trafficking & Prostitution of Vulnerable Group

Author: Divyasha Dubey

  1. Crime Against Women: Marital Rape

Author: Siddharth Pandey

  1. Dhruvaram Murlidhar Sonar Vs. State of Maharashtra distinguishing Rape & Consensual Sex

Author: Yash Pandey

  1. Decriminalization of Adultery Law in India: Legal Implications

Author: Ayush Raj,  Piyush Raj, Paritosh Srivastava & Utkarsh

  1. Crime Against Women: Harassment at the Workplace

Author: Namrata Das

  1. Rape as jus Cogens: prevention of Sexual Violence through International Humanitarian law- Research article

Author: Dr. A.Vijaylakshmi

  1. The Hardest Sin: On Mother As well as The Unborn (Termination Of Pregnancy -Forced Abortion)

Author: Vrushali Naresh Agrawal

  1. Marital Rape: Recognizing it as a Crime

Author: Nimisha Pal

  1. No Country for women - Never-ending violence against women

Author: Prakriti Bhargava, Shaurya Abrol & Dolma Kashiva

  1. Victimization of women in cyberspace: A critical study of the gaps of existing in the laws in India

Author: Shipra Chauhan 

  1. Dowry: A Patriarchal Menace

Author: Shwetanki Tyagi, Roopkatha Roy & Kshama Das

  1. Position of Women in Vedic,Post-Vedic, Medival, British and contemporary India

Author: Jagriti Vijay

  1. Domestic Violence

Author: Muskan Tandon

Volume 3 Issue 3


  1. Terror Tales of Anti-Terror Laws

Author: Niharika Raizada

  1. Cyber Technology:Hell or Heaven

Author: Rajdeep Singh Chauhan & Aakriti Agarwal

  1. Cyber terrorism / Hate speech on social media and related Indian law

Author: Pallavi Tiwari & Amita Chaudhary


  1. Psychology and criminals - Factors influencing the psychology of Rapists
Author: Sowmiya S, Karthikeyan M, Beena J & Manisha S
  1. Criminal Mindset and Psychology of Crimes
Author: Medha Shukla
  1. The Psychological Effects of Overcrowding in Indian Prisons
Author: Vivasvan Prakash & Shrey Uttam 


  1. Ethics of Right to Die: A Critical Analysis of Laws of Euthanasia in India
Author: Divya Kataria
  1. Euthanasia: An Analytical Study in Indian Context
Author: Pankhuri Anand, Samriddhi Tripathi & Shreya Tripathi


  1. Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act 2013: A Progression or Regression from Vishakha?
Author: Chandani Kaur Bagga & Moumita Sen
  1. Analysing the Transgender Person (Protection of Rights) Bill 2018 with Special Reference to the Healthcare Concern of the Transgender Person
Author: Ayush Verma
  1. Transgender Persons ("Denial of rights"),2018
Author: Akash Jain
  1. Bill for or Against the Transgenders?
Author: Sankalp Srivastava


  1. Exorcism and the Criminal Law
Author: Anushka Misra
  1. Honour Killing: An epidemic in India
Author: Shraddha Sharma, Shruti Sharma & Sakshi Tripathi 
  1. Honour killing - A socio-legal aspect
Author: Avval Kaur

Volume 3 Issue 4

  1.  Fair Trail – An Inevitable Phenomenon of Criminal Justice System

Author: Dr. Mohd Arif 

  1. law of suicide-Need to Humanise the Criminal justice system

Author: Tushar Ved Saxena & Nayan   Gupta

  1. A Study on Collective Violence with respect to the rising trend of Mob lynching

Author: Jyoti Chauhan

  1. Key Issues Involved in Investigation, Prosecution & Trail of Sexual Offences

Author: Dr. Harleen Kaur & Subham Kumar Jain

  1. Criminology during Sentencing, Jurisprudence for sentence and social disorganization Theory

Author: Nehal Bohara

  1. Role Of International and Domestic Courts in Abolition of Death Penalty Worldwide

Author: Subham Singh & Swati Singh 

  1. Cruelty as a matrimonial relief and its judicial interpretation

Author: Neelesh Shukla 

  1. Law of Sedition in India: Misleading Interpretations

Author: Isha Goel

  1. Economic Crimes: Effects and its Countermeasures

Author: Bhavya Prakash Pandey