Who We Are?

A question often arises as to what is the difference between criminal law and criminology or between criminal justice and criminology. "DROIT PENALE: The Indian Law Journal on Crime and Criminology (ILJCC)", aims to resolve this dubiousness by providing a wide range of well researched articles, case notes, commentaries etc. covering the major aspects and issues under the ambit of crime and criminology. The term 'Droit Penale', literally means criminal law. It has a French origin and deals with the various facets of crime and criminology. As a huge field of academic study, Criminology tends to cover criminal law and jurisprudence apart from dealing with crimes and criminal and socially deviant behaviour of criminals existing in the society. It also deals with the decriminalisation processes. While Criminal law mainly focuses on the punishments coupled or labelled with such a criminal behaviour.

The ILJCC, a student friendly law journal, has emerged bearing the idea to encapsulate an exhaustive approach towards all these fields. It aims at providing a detailed analysis and assimilation of various issues on a single rostrum contrary to the concept of dealing with fields of criminal law and criminology separately. Further the journal will also feature the works, opinions and viewpoints of the greatest jurists of all times blended with the modern critical approaches towards their work. The IJLCC is committed to provide uncommon, unique and fresh probe into the core legal issues.

Contributions towards the journal in the form into the core legal issues.

Contributions towards the journal in the form of articles, commentaries etc. from law graduates, undergraduates, teachers and other eminent persons are welcome and appreciated.


Arjun Das Gulati Memorial Society is registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Aims and objectives of the society:

  1. To promote workshops, seminars, debates and discussions that disseminates understanding and interest in law, art, culture and music.
  2. To Publish books, literature, cultural subjects and law to promote knowledge.
  3. To publish illustrations, journals, magazine, periodicals, and other publication in different languages for promotion of the above aims and objectives.
  4. To arrange workshops, legal educational meet in the State of Uttar Pradesh.
  5. To disseminate issue and ideas concerned with the propagate and promotions of Indian literature, law, music and culture in its forms and manner.
  6. To start, establish, run manage and maintain schools, institutions with an aim to provide education to children by seeking recognition and affiliation from the educational departments concerned government authorities. To cater the numerous new vocations those are being and could be created, with explosion in the area of literature, art, law, music, science and technology.
  7. To develop and establish such out of school activity centers for the children/women of under privileged and rural class of the society where they could have the benefit and joy of participating in art, culture, theater, law, music, sports, games, artistic activities like painting, clay and woodwork, music, dancing and develop skills in debating, elocutions, educational trips, and other such activities.
  8. To impart free educational and training poor, helpless, talented and needy children/students/persons.
  9. To provide legal aid and advice to poor, helpless and aggrieved person and has been organizing free legal aid camps.
  10. To establish reading rooms, libraries, music theater and other facilities for the member of the society, student, students, children and women and other general public.
  11. To manage and maintain institute for the handicapped and for adult education. To also set up publication houses wherein the forth class employees will be taken from the society of rural and uneducated so as to make them employable.
  12. To raise funds through grants, donations, subscription, publication fee, loan, foreign contributions etc. from government and private sources in India and abroad for fulfillment of aims and objectives of the society.